Recruiting e-learning professionals: trends, tips and typical salaries

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Author: Samantha Johnston, Consultant for TPP Education & Training.  There’s currently a big focus on e-learning and e-assessment in membership bodies. Not only does an online education platform mean that an organisation is more “up to date”, it also directly results in increased revenue and student numbers, as it means that distance learning both nationally and [...]

Avoiding discrimination in recruitment

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Author: Amy Paxton, Manager & Senior Legal Advisor at Croner It is essential that you get the right candidate as recruitment can be a costly and time-consuming business. There’s also legislation governing discrimination that employers need to be mindful of to avoid future claims of unlawful discrimination. Essentially, to avoid unlawful discrimination claims, employers should [...]

Recruitment Trends in the Membership Sector

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Author: Kristina Preston, Senior Consultant, TPP Education & Training,  at TPP Recruitment, the charity recruitment specialists. Sourcing candidates from outside the sector The big story in the membership sector over the last few years has been the rise of digital and how organisations have had to evolve to meet their members’ changing expectations. Members want [...]

Stop recruiting like a membership body (Network Views)

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Network Views – an opinion piece on a set monthly theme that gives a voice to the thought leaders of the membership and association sector and acknowledges their wealth of knowledge and experience. The monthly theme for January is “membership staff recruitment”  – a very timely topic for many who see the start of a [...]