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Women in leadership roles – mentoring should be encouraged earlier

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Author: Rachel Loke, 5th Year KCL Dentistry Student and a committee member of the KCL Women in Dentistry society. As an undergraduate dental student, I feel I am lucky to have had encountered a number of female role models who are in positions of leadership. With statistics estimating that women will make up over 50% [...]

How a Digital Transformation Becomes a People Transformation Within Associations

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Guest Blogger: Patrick De Sutter Adviser 2Impact People vs technology. The real challenge in Digital Transformations for many member associations. Patrick De Sutter, technology advisor gives 4 tips on making a good start with your digital transformation Members at the heart of your process Digital Transformation doesn’t cover the whole process. If member associations want [...]

Are Your Member Emails Performing Well Enough?

2017-10-17T13:51:52+01:00Monday, 25 July, 2016|Categories: Advice & Tips, MemberWise Recognised Supplier, Opinion Piece|Tags: |

As social media continues to grow in terms of users and channels, you could be forgiven for thinking that email marketing is losing its ROI. However, statistics from the latest Harnessing the Web 2016 survey summary report from MemberWise show that membership organisations and associations are still using and seeing the value in email marketing. [...]

Delete – Almost 50% of Members Removed to Increase Member Engagement

2017-10-17T13:52:18+01:00Monday, 11 July, 2016|Categories: Member Engagement, Opinion Piece|Tags: , , , |

This article was written by Guest Blogger: Beth Williams, Quality and Membership Officer London Youth Traditionally a decline in membership numbers is viewed as a problem, however at London Youth we’ve discovered the opposite to be true. For years London Youth has proudly proclaimed itself to be a network of over 400 youth clubs across [...]