How a Digital Transformation Becomes a People Transformation Within Associations

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Guest Blogger: Patrick De Sutter Adviser 2Impact People vs technology. The real challenge in Digital Transformations for many member associations. Patrick De Sutter, technology advisor gives 4 tips on making a good start with your digital transformation Members at the heart of your process Digital Transformation doesn’t cover the whole process. If member associations want [...]

Recruitment Trends in the Membership Sector

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Author: Kristina Preston, Senior Consultant, TPP Education & Training,  at TPP Recruitment, the charity recruitment specialists. Sourcing candidates from outside the sector The big story in the membership sector over the last few years has been the rise of digital and how organisations have had to evolve to meet their members’ changing expectations. Members want [...]

Benefits of working with creative design agencies – putting ideas into practice

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Author: Sari Inger Bouvet, Senior Marketing Associate at  ‎Direct Approach Design & Marketing Creative design agencies vary widely in size and scope and cater for different kinds of companies and their customers – and this is key for membership managers to understand especially when looking to appoint and work with an agency to retain and [...]

Digital channel shift strategy and elections

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Author: Luke Ashby, Digital Consultant at Electoral Reform Services (ERS) Digital by default is the UK Government’s 18-point design service standard, which is moving government transactional services online, wherever possible. This concept is not restricted to central and local government. Most, if not all, organisations will be aware of channel shift, and of the benefits [...]