By Guest Blogger:

Jo Lucas, Business Development Director

Advanced Direct Mail


Sustainable Mailings Can Still Be Cost-Effective

It is increasingly vital for membership organisations to stand out to attract, engage and retain loyal members. Whilst digital marketing campaigns are undoubtably becoming more popular, there is still an important role for direct mail, whether it’s a membership welcome pack or supporter magazine, for example.

There are so many talented marketing and design professionals who produce wonderful content which is engaging and compelling only to see its distribution rationed.

Direct mail campaigns cost money and postage costs represent the largest single mailing cost. You want to reach as many new potential supporters or members or offer as much value to your existing members as possible, but you only have a certain amount of money in your budget. You need to be cost-effective.

You then see that other membership organisations are moving to sustainable materials to wrap their mailings such as 100% home compostable biowrap. Your supporters and members expect you to be sustainable but environmentally friendly materials are more expensive though – they will increase your mailing costs. What do you do? It doesn’t seem that you can be sustainable and cost-effective at the same time….

….but you can. Sustainable mailings can still be cost-effective if you minimise waste and focus on your target audience. Use sustainability as a tool to set you apart from other membership organisations. You can still increase new member recruitment, improve retention, optimise engagement and enhance value if you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and get the most out of your data. A win, win!

Make your mailings sustainable and cost-effective whilst boosting engagement

Minimise Waste And Focus On Your Target Audience – Advanced Direct Mail’s Top 3 Tips

  • Target inserts based on preferences – only include inserts which are relevant to the recipient, there is no need to add every insert to every pack.


  • Use Personalised letters and outers – Personalisation increases engagement so know your member data and harness your transactional data too.


  • Consider using printed materials with a lower paper content – change composition and reduce print dimensions to reduce weight. Recycled paper stock isn’t always the most environmentally friendly solution – regenerative options now exist, and they can be equally competitive on price.
Harness the power of sustainability to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Your members expect it.
Use sustainability as a tool to set you apart from other membership organisations.
Sustainable mailings can also be cost-effective when they minimise waste and focus on your target audience.


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