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Welcome to the Member Engagement Hub!

Our Member Engagement Hub has fast become the ‘go to’ online resource for associations looking to improve and/or optimise member engagement (online and offline). We welcome over 500+ visitors each month and our network is now recognised as the leading authority on this ciritcal topic area. We hope you enjoy exploring the member engagement toolkit, videos, research reports and blog articles below!

Why focus on member engagement?
In return  you will forge a much deeper relationship with your members and this will create more loyal members. The outcomes from this will include improvements to new member acquisition, existing member retention, increased member value/experience, improved conversions from passive members to advocates, and increased future potential growth.

Who creates content on the Member Engagement Hub?
This resource was created and continues to be quality assured by a panel of senior association/membership professionals responsible for member engagement at leading UK/EU associations.

Can I contribute content to the Member Engagement Hub?
Yes. This is an evolving online resource, so please Contact Us if you would like to suggest or signpost member engagement focused content on other websites. Our QA Group will review any suggestions and if confirmed as high quality we will add below!

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Member Engagement Toolkit (2017)

Introducing the MemberWise Member Engagement Toolkit (2017). The toolkit is the leading (free) practical resource for membership and association professionals looking to take a more structured approach to optimising and enhancing member engagement.

How can I trust the information and advice contained within this resource?
The content has been fully quality assured by 17 membership/association professionals (responsible for member engagement) at leading membership organisations and associations. Since launch this resource has been downloaded an incredible 5,600+ times.

How do I use the toolkit?
We recommend that you allocate at least 30 minutes to download and read through the toolkit. You should also download the Member Engagement Strategy template and Best Practice List below as they complement the resource. Once you have familiarised yourself with the content (inc. member engagement actions and process) we recommend that you organise a team meeting to discuss how you will address engagement within your organisation.

Is further member engagement focused help and support available?
Yes. Our series of Member Engagement Bootcamp (sponsored by Silverbear) will take place in London on 30th March and 4th May. We also provide comprehensive  member engagement consultancy services to help you take a more structured, robust and informed approach. View our growing list of high profile membership organisation and association case studies…

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Member Engagement Toolkit 2017
Download Member Engagement Toolkit
Download Best Practice Lists & Templates here…

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A Definition: Member Engagement

“True member engagement aligns members’ hearts and minds with the purpose of a membership organisation or association and can directly influence state of mind, thoughts, feelings, and current/future actions”

Note: A range of popular definitions can be found in the Member Engagement Toolkit 2017 below.

Member Engagement Resources/Support



MemberWise Network Chair, Richard Gott, is working with a number of membership organisations and associations to take a more structured (and inclusive) approach to member engagement optimisation/management. The results include increased member recruitment, improved member retention, optimised cross and up-sell of content, products and services.

View our growing list of case studies…
Contact Us…

Case Study: Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA)

Richard from MemberWise conducted a member engagement optimisation project at the RCoA.

This critical work involved evaluating current engagement levels, providing practical engagement focused recommendations and scoping the required skills/competencies of a new Member Engagement Manager role.

He participated in the recruitment/selection process and is working with us to ensure a structured, robust and informed approach.

Kathryn Stillman, Director of Communications & External Affairs

Blog Articles

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  Matt Day, Creative Director at Liquid Productions Speaking at Digital Excellence 2017 The biggest challenge that membership organisations say they face is engagement. Most membership organisations are formed for the sole benefit of their members; [...]

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In the first of a short series of GoCardless sponsored blog articles (by MemberWise Network Founder, Richard Gott) we investigate why your website is key to improving new member acquisition and retention. Get in the [...]

3 Ways to Increase Member Engagement on your Website

By Guest Blogger: Sahar Dolev-Blitental Marketing Executive, Pedalo Web Design   Increasing member engagement has been pinpointed by the sector as the top goal for 2017, according to the Digital Excellence Report published by MemberWise.  [...]

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