At each of our popular membership focused national conferences our Official Illustrator, Caroline Chapple, captures the key themes of the day via ‘The Wall’.

As our expert keynote speakers present on their insight, knowledge, experience and achievements Caroline draws the emerging themes on a blank canvas. She quite literally ‘draws the conference’!

Here is the Membership Excellence 2018 Wall that caroline created for us in April:

Why do we do this? Because this powerful image shows exactly what we (membership and association professionals) are (or should be!) currently focusing on.

ACTION: Our recommendation is to discuss this drawing as an item at either a member focused staff or committee meeting. #retain #value # engagement # recruit

Which element(s) chime most with you and your organisation?

Thanks to our 500 delegates – We hope you had a great day and would like to thank you for taking a day out with us. We hope you have now returned to the office and are continuing to drive member focused development and change! You helped us deliver the UK’s largest membership focused national conference!

Thanks to our Chairs – Jennifer Finn (RCP), Kerrie Fuller (WAGGGS), Luke Stevens-Burt (CILIP), Laura Fleming (BVA), Andrew Chamberlain (Consort Strategy), Susie Kay (Professionalism Group), Heather Forrester (Research by Design), Janine Chasmer (Purple), Alistair Sergeant (Purple)

Thanks to our Conference Makers – Aika Peto (Agile Rose), Ben Cocke (Agile Rose), Ali (Jade Green), Richard Moorhouse (MemberWise), Becky Byrne (MemberWise), Phil Dennis (MemberWise), Lisa Goldsmith (London Youth), Sarah Alder (Cranmore Digital), Caroline Chapple (Chapple Cartoons), Kirsty Marrins, Ellie Jones (CBA Events), Sara Young (CBA Events), Daniel Taylor (RefTech) & Rosemary Cooper-Clark (RCC Consulting).

You can express an interest in joining us at our next national conference, Digital Excellence 2018 online now…