ICO asks MemberWise for Membership Sector’s 10 Key GDPR Focused Concerns

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On 25th May the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect and in preparation membership organisations and associations need to be ready. The ICO has asked the MemberWise Network (in partnership with the Trade Association Forum) to submit 10 key membership focused questions, so we want to hear from you! In most [...]

Sharing Your Members’ Personal Data with Outsourced Providers?

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I regularly receive queries from membership organisations and associations regarding data protection. It can be a rather 'dry' topic (if I am honest) but it is definately something we must all take seriously; but what about our providers? "Data Breach" - There's two words that send shivers down my spine as a membership professional and [...]

Innovative ways of tackling Cyber Attacks: from insuring your organisation’s reputation to an extortion cover

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Author: Allen Simpson, Director at R K Henshall and Co Ltd Advances in technology over the last few years mean that nearly every business relies on the internet and digital technology to help them go about their day to day business. For the majority of your members this will have no doubt had a major [...]

Data Protection: Don’t leave it up to the penguins !!!

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MemberWise seminars are free events for association and membership professionals: they offer practical information, targeted learning and networking opportunities; and are linked to the core capabilities of leading sector providers. In the first week of October a lunchtime data protection seminar took place, hosted by Kingston Smith, a MemberWise Recognised provider. Securing member data continues [...]

A meander through data protection…. (Network Views)

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The MemberWise Network is introducing a new monthly feature called Network Views - an opinion piece on a set monthly theme. The purpose of this new feature is to give a voice to the thought leaders of the membership and association sector and acknowledge and celebrate their wealth of knowledge and experience. The theme for [...]

What you need to know about data protection: why choosing “NeverGoingToGiveYouUp” for a password is Hunky Dory

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Article by Tony Mulcahy - Head of infrastructure and data security, iFINITY plc. As we, hopefully, all know “data protection” is a key challenge and a serious issue for all Associations. In order to provide the required and expected levels of data protection we need first to have good security. I’m not going to write [...]

New EU Data Protection Regulation – What Membership Marketers Need To Know!

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Major reform of EU data protection laws will result in a new EU Data Protection Regulation (EU DPR) being enforceable for UK organisations in the next 12-24 months. The changes will have a huge impact on the way in which all organisations collect and manage personal data.

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Are You Protecting Your Members’ Data?

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Looking after our members’ data has been high up on any good marketers list for a long time. The Data Protection Act 1998 has ensured of that. But these days ‘data privacy’, as it’s becoming known, is vital to gaining and keeping new members. It’s simple – you want members’ data so you can market [...]