Security Threat

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Jenny McTiernan, COO, ProTech (a MemberWise Recognised Supplier) asks Martyn Croft, co-founder of the Charities Security Forum and CIO at The Salvation Army UK Territory, for his thoughts on avoiding some of today’s key cybersecurity threats. With security high on the agenda the Salvation Army chose ProTech’s Government ‘OFFICIAL’ Security accredited CRM solution as the [...]

The ‘Holy Grail’ of CRM?

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By Guest Blogger: David Hart Director E AND H Is a successful CRM project the ‘holy grail’ for Membership organisations? Why should it be? There are many suppliers providing CRM systems, and we know how to deliver successful projects – don’t we? Or perhaps it’s the concept of CRM itself – do we know what [...]

4th November 2015 – The Day the Membership & Association Sector Takes Online to the Next Level: Be Part of It!

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MemberWise, the independent network for association and membership professionals, delivers two annual conferences per year: Harnessing the Web (autumn) and Membership Excellence (spring). These vibrant 1 day conferences are must-attend events in the association and membership sector's calendar. Harnessing the Web 2015 conference will take on 4th November at Lancaster Hotel – conveniently located in [...]

Are you living and breathing digital?

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Author: Tim Chalklen. Tim is Managing Director of Unified Solutions, a leading Digital Media Agency based in the Thames Valley. Alongside his business partner and Technical Director Peter Johnson, Tim has navigated the company through interesting and challenging times over the past 20 years. Having worked extensively with many membership organisations over the years including [...]

What you need to know about data protection: why choosing “NeverGoingToGiveYouUp” for a password is Hunky Dory

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Article by Tony Mulcahy - Head of infrastructure and data security, iFINITY plc, photo by  Krutart As we, hopefully, all know “data protection” is a key challenge and a serious issue for all Associations. In order to provide the required and expected levels of data protection we need first to have good security. I’m not [...]

New EU Data Protection Regulation – What Membership Marketers Need To Know!

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Major reform of EU data protection laws will result in a new EU Data Protection Regulation (EU DPR) being enforceable for UK organisations in the next 12-24 months. The changes will have a huge impact on the way in which all organisations collect and manage personal data.

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Procuring a CRM System – Interview with Robert Dann, Investor Relations Society

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In this blog article we interview Harnessing the Web 2014 Keynote Speaker and IR Society Head of Membership and Marketing, Robert Dann, and ask about his recent CRM procurement/selection journey... Why did you replace your existing membership database? 'We decided it was time to replace our CRM because it 'just didn't cut it' due to [...]

Top tips for selecting a CRM database

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CRM is a strategy not a piece of software, and yet we all need a database to store the information we live by - but the impact of the database will be determined by how appropriate it is for you and how well all the people involved will work together to implement, use and benefit from [...]

Membership Expert Interview Series – Harnessing the Web

2017-10-17T13:38:17+00:00 Saturday, 23 November, 2013|Categories: MemberWise Recognised Supplier, Video|Tags: , , , , , | Introducing the first our 'Membership Expert Interview Series' with George Land, Chairman of APT Solutions. In this interview George advocates the need for effective web-enabled membership services. He advocates the appropriate use of social media and the need to focus on the effective integration…