In this blog article we interview Harnessing the Web 2014 Keynote Speaker and IR Society Head of Membership and Marketing, Robert Dann, and ask about his recent CRM procurement/selection journey…

Why did you replace your existing membership database?

‘We decided it was time to replace our CRM because it ‘just didn’t cut it’ due to a number of reasons. Our members expected an interactive and self-service based experience and in order to provide this we decided to ‘take the plunge’!”

What improvements are now taking place?

“We have seen a range of improvements. Internally we have seen a reduction in bureaucracy, reduced administrative costs and faster processing times.  Our members now receive a much more personalised online service, improved online journeys (day-to-day & online joining) and ultimately in the new ‘digital world’ it means the IR Society’s online proposition is both fit-for-purpose and future-proof.”

What learning outcomes will you be addressing in your keynote session at Harnessing the Web 2014?

“In my session I will identify the key drivers for implementing a new CRM system to drive membership value and growth, review in more details the positive member-focused outcomes, key influencers in the procurement process and some top tips/suggestions. I will also provide delegates with the key pitfalls to avoid at all costs! It is so important for us to share experiences like this, particularly if you decide to ‘go it alone’ like we did!”

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