Security Threat

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Jenny McTiernan, COO, ProTech (a MemberWise Recognised Supplier) asks Martyn Croft, co-founder of the Charities Security Forum and CIO at The Salvation Army UK Territory, for his thoughts on avoiding some of today’s key cybersecurity threats. With security high on the agenda the Salvation Army chose ProTech’s Government ‘OFFICIAL’ Security accredited CRM solution as the [...]

The ‘Holy Grail’ of CRM?

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By Guest Blogger: David Hart Director E AND H Is a successful CRM project the ‘holy grail’ for Membership organisations? Why should it be? There are many suppliers providing CRM systems, and we know how to deliver successful projects – don’t we? Or perhaps it’s the concept of CRM itself – do we know what [...]

Optimising Website Membership Features – A Case Study

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By Guest Blogger: Sahar Dolev-Blitental Marketing Executive Pedalo Web Design We would like to share with you a case study on how we helped The Fostering Network increase their membership purchases by over 58%! Whenever we design a website for a membership organisation, we work top down – Considering the organisation’s strategic goals and needs, [...]

User Experience (Ux) on Membership Sites: take a leap into the digital future

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Author: Sahar Dolev-Blitental, Marketing Executive at Pedalo Web Design If you’re having trouble meeting your membership registration quota, struggling with member retention or finding it difficult to meet your current members’ ever growing demands and expectations, you are not alone.  The digital landscape has shifted massively over the last few years, and many UK membership [...]