Can a ‘Club within a Club’ Inspire Your Association?

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It’s not often you’ll see me review a Premier League football club initiative, however I’ve been so impressed with the engagement focused principles behind Manchester City Football Club's (MCFC) new 'The Tunnel Club' I wanted to share them with you. Firstly I need to be clear that I am not a MUFC fan, and Secondly [...]

Game Changer Alert – Insurance Products For You and Your Members

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  We are pleased to announce that the MemberWise Network is now working in partnership with Hiscox to provide you and your members with award winning* insurance products. What insurance products are included? Professional indemnity, commercial insurance, public liability, event insurance and home insurance for you and your members. What does this mean for me [...]

Delete – Almost 50% of Members Removed to Increase Member Engagement

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This article was written by Guest Blogger: Beth Williams, Quality and Membership Officer London Youth Traditionally a decline in membership numbers is viewed as a problem, however at London Youth we’ve discovered the opposite to be true. For years London Youth has proudly proclaimed itself to be a network of over 400 youth clubs across [...]

Engaging members in 140 characters or less

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As social media matures and finds an acceptable place in our everyday lives, I am struck by the number of Membership Associations that are not using social media, whatever the platform, effectively. I am not alone – 50% of the respondents to the Harnessing The Web 2015 survey rated their organisation’s social media presence as [...]

Membership Renewals – Our Top 10 Tips…

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I calculate that it costs membership bodies 8 times more (in terms of time, effort and budget) to recruit a new member than to retain an existing member. Although new member recruitment is important we need to remember that effective member retention techniques should not be forgotten. The above calculation has inspired this blog and [...]

Online Member Personalisation – Opening the shed door… (Blog Article 2 of 3)

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In 2014 the key online challenge facing the membership sector is online personalisation. Guest Blogger, Richard Gott, explores how big data has an important role to play in part two of a three-part blog…. What BIG DATA can be used? As membership bodies we tend to hold a 'shed-load' of information about our members but [...]

Membership success in the health sector

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The NHS is a focus of the media at the moment – perhaps no surprise with concerns about care and budget pressures. For those of us working in membership organisations in the health sector this attention is nothing new; but I think it means we have to work harder to demonstrate to our members what [...]

Delivering Effective Membership Tiers Without the Tears…

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Over the past year I have seen a wide range of membership bodies move away from the traditional ‘one size fits all’ membership offering to a more tiered and personalised membership offering.  To be clear I am not talking about a categorised approach (Associate, Member or Fellow) but different tiers linked to the provision of [...]

Members are not just numbers

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How many of you, I wonder, remember a cult TV show called “The Prisoner”, starring Patrick McGooghan as ‘Number Six’?  His all too frequent response to questioning from his captors was “I am not a number, I am a free man”.  His struggle for individuality allowed him to triumph over those who tried to break [...]

Top 10 ways European associations are harnessing the web

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We caught up with association professional and chair of the MemberWise Network, Richard Gott. By day he is the Head of Membership Development at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and by night he develops and runs his 1,400 association professional-strong (free to join) network. A key issue facing associations is the provision of [...]